Oden Marketing Intern

Three Reasons to Like Oden

First, let me tell you in what context I experienced Oden. I am from France, but I study communication and political science at Milligan College, in East Tennessee. I was at Oden as a marketing intern during the summer of 2017.

Second, let me clarify the title of my post. I wanted to say “reasons to love Oden,” but my mom taught me the golden mean or as I like to call it: to be Aristotle-balanced, meaning never speak or act in excess. But believe me, Oden is definitely an enjoyable, delightful, pleasant – my French self is running out of synonyms – place to work.

Oden is great, for it is made of wonderful people. I must say that I am a bit of an introvert, but I never felt nervous or uncomfortable around the Odenites. Everyone is welcoming and very nice. And what I like the most about the people here is that there is no feeling of hierarchy. Of course I am aware of who are the executives, and who has a director/leader position, but interactions are on an equal level and offer a chance for all to express an opinion or make a suggestion.

Oden can also be appreciated for its work, in two senses: the projects they work on, and the work ethic they apply to everything they do. Oden offers services of B2B marketing for a variety of clients. They advise Fortune 1000 companies such as FedEx and International Paper, as well as smaller organizations such as the Levitt Shell, an open-air concert venue in Memphis. The diversity of projects and Oden’s desire to pursue more clients allow for an interesting and creative work atmosphere. Furthermore, in all that they execute, the Odenites apply a great work ethic. There is no such thing as an easy or small project; every assignment deserves time and attention and the best of what the Oden team can offer, both on the account and creative sides.

Oden is well located, for 1) it is in Memphis, and 2) it is on Main Street. There was much for me to do in the city, such as go to the zoo, explore Broad Avenue, hang out on Beale Street, listen to free music at the Levitt Shell, walk in Shelby Farms, and of course eat local. That has to be the best motto for a city, especially for a food addict like me. Which leads me to Main Street and all its restaurants. Main Street is not only pretty and lovely to walk, it also provides many places to eat. My personal favorite being Café Keough – what can I say, my French roots easily come out.

Finally, I am going to add an extra point, but this one does not count as it is personal. Oden has been enjoyable because it has taught me a lot about marketing and all the backstage work that it takes to make a business successful. It also gave me some confidence about myself and my abilities in the work force.

Oden has been a positive experience for me thanks to the Odenites, the overall work ethic, and the great location. And I believe these qualities are valued by both clients and employees.

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