Sometimes to reach a new audience, you need a new approach

At Oden, we share a long history with International Paper, and have had the opportunity to help brand managers market several different paper brands over the years. A while back IP called on us for a completely different task—help HR structure an employee recruiting campaign to fill technical, mechanical, and mill positions. IP realized that the workforce was changing and changing fast. They needed to connect with up-and-coming generations, specifically Millennials, to fill technical, mechanical and mill positions.

The challenge? This group sees a job not as something that defines who they are but, instead, as something that helps them be who they want to be. So we flipped the very notion of working for a company and developed a simple refrain: “IP WORKS FOR ME.”



This concept focused squarely on what a prospect could get out of working for IP instead of what IP expected to get out of the employee. Our campaign emphasized that a job at IP is one that works for the employee on multiple levels–economics, security, flexibility, personal fulfillment, and more.

Beyond the initial research and the development of the campaign look, feel, high-level messaging, and graphics, we created recruitment displays, a poster, information kits, employment ad templates, among other must-have recruitment tools, as well as digital elements to launch the new platform to IP recruiters in the field. All the while, we were able to draw on our past experience to ensure that our work for HR managers aligned with IP’s core brand messaging.

“IP WORKS FOR ME” has worked well for IP’s future-focused recruiting. Do you have a new audience you’d like to reach? Let us know.





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