Powering the Launch of a Powerful New Product

What was the situation?

This pioneer in technology, electrification products, and industrial automation chose us to create demand for their new product, a first of its kind. Because the power automation industry is crowded with entrenched competitors, it was essential to maximize the product launch. And with client teams located in both Europe and the U.S., the launch required the coordination of a global team to produce a campaign that could be localized in specific regions.

We had a narrow window of time to build interest and momentum without fully revealing the product in advance of the launch. But the Oden team is never one to shy away from a challenge, so we tackled the project head-on.


How did Oden help? 

We began with the end in mind. We knew the product would be unveiled at POWER-GEN International in Las Vegas, so we built a plan that would create demand leading up to the show.

“The market for this product is complicated,” says Tina Niclosi, EVP at Oden. “Pair that reality with the constraints of the project, and it meant our entire team needed to be locked in on the same page.”

We worked with internal stakeholders to create naming options, a customer journey map, and a full marketing plan that fleshed out all the touchpoints along the way. Since this was a key product launch, we needed creative and collateral for both internal and external audiences.

This required creating messaging that would resonate with a broad audience, as well as targeting specific audience segments and addressing their needs. The internal sales team needed educational materials to learn about the products, plus material to support their sales efforts. The external audiences needed collateral that not only introduced the product, but also cultivated a need.

The volume of work and timeline required a streamlined process. We created a master story document with approved and pertinent copy for each of the different audiences. It covered what we wanted to say and how we wanted to talk about it. It was our true north.

“Taking the time to develop the key message for each audience segment at the beginning and getting stakeholder buy-in allowed us to develop creative quickly,” says Spencer King, Senior Design Director at Oden. “And we were able to ensure it was on message and on brand.”

From that master story document, we created a fully integrated launch campaign that utilized digital, social, video, and print for the big unveiling at POWER-GEN International.


What were the results?

We launched the pre-show teaser campaign with email and social posts. To maintain a competitive advantage, we needed to build excitement without directly unveiling the product. Our pre-launch campaign led to a nearly tenfold increase in booth registrations. And during the show, our client reported a large increase in the number of booth visitors and tours, which continued to build excitement for the new product.

The social campaign we ran on Twitter and LinkedIn generated more than 530,000 impressions, despite a limited ad buy and short run period. Moreover, the promotional video we created to tease the product and drive interest generated nearly 275,000 impressions alone.

“The entire team was blown away by the positive reaction and engaged audience who came to the booth,” says Niclosi. “In fact, their U.S. division manager described the launch as a home run.”

To maintain momentum after the launch, the rollout plan included a targeted content strategy to engage audience segments and drive specification for the product, including a social media campaign, product videos, infographics, and sales collateral.