Rebranding a Newly Licensed Solution for a Seamless Product Rollout

What was the situation?
When Mosaik entered into an exclusive licensing agreement to offer a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, they looked to Oden for help rebranding the product.

The new offering tested and analyzed the performance of networks, making it a seamless fit with Mosaik’s existing portfolio of solutions that focus on wireless coverage and intelligence. The product captured signal strength and other data from Android devices through an app, and then flowed the data to a dashboard for analysis.

With the mobile industry’s largest annual global tradeshow in Barcelona swiftly approaching, Mosaik needed the new product name and identity quickly.

How did Oden help?
Product naming was first, of course. The client wanted something descriptive, not abstract or metaphorical, and we needed to avoid names with “fi” or “cell,” which could give the impression that the product was limited to Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Domain name availability was also a guiding factor. Because the licensor would maintain some ownership of the product, it would have its own domain in addition to being featured on Mosaik’s website.

While we explored several names and graphic treatments that connoted network intelligence and the analytic value of the product, the ultimate winner was “Signal Insights,” supported by an app and dashboard icon that played off the cellular network Wi-Fi “connected” symbol.

“We needed to create something that would stand out on a small screen in the midst of other graphics,” said Spencer King, Senior Design Director at Oden. “It was essential to think about what it would communicate as a stand-alone graphic without the name, and how it would appear on the dashboard when used with the name.”

What were the results?
Throughout the project, we worked closely with Mosaik’s creative director, as their in-house team would be charged with registering the app in the Google Play store, and applying the branding to the dashboard user interface, their tradeshow elements, and other promotional materials. Making sure all the deliverables met their team’s specific needs and abilities made it easy for the in-house team to execute everything quickly, resulting in a seamless product rollout.