Converting a Complete Rebrand Into a Contemporary Website Design

What was the situation?
In 2018, private investment company Platinum Equity acquired Document Messaging Technologies, a B2B division of Pitney Bowes, a global leader in technology.

Charged with reshaping the brand, Oden quickly developed the formulative building blocks for the new company, now called BlueCrest. This included a logo, overall design strategy, identity guidelines, and a host of materials including stationery, templates, brochures, and presentations, just to name a few.

As with any acquisition, time was of the essence. While BlueCrest needed all of their materials ASAP, one of the most critical was a website—one that served both marketing and e-commerce purposes—as content was soon to be removed from the Pitney Bowes site.

How did Oden help?
While our primary charge was to lead the discovery, strategy, and design aspects of the site, BlueCrest also relied on us to guide development. After identifying their functional requirements and business needs for the site, we worked collaboratively with the CMS provider throughout development.

“Because we had a deep understanding of BlueCrest’s needs, plus experience with enterprise-level CMS platforms, we were able to serve as a resource for both BlueCrest and the CMS provider,” said Ashley Livingston, Oden VP, Digital Marketing. “We sat in on calls and fielded questions from both sides to keep development moving smoothly and according to plan.”

We knew the site would evolve over time, and we wanted their top executives to see exactly how. We developed a detailed information architecture that mapped out the organization and structure of content throughout the site. This helped our clients identify the content needed for launch and post-launch, and envision the site’s future state. The IA also brought attention to the need for authentication by showcasing the site’s open and gated content after login.

During the initial phases of the site launch, we developed interim landing pages that directed users to Pitney Bowes, where they could conduct business as usual. We then worked in batches to convert the new branding across all site pages.

“We had just finished their branding strategy and guidelines, and now, we needed to translate them,” says Senior Design Director Spencer King. “As one of the first major expressions of the BlueCrest brand in the marketplace, we knew how important it was to have the new look and feel convert seamlessly through to the new site.”

After launch, the CMS would be managed internally. To streamline template creation for internal users moving forward, we developed a website style guide, which included specifications for font style, color usage, and user interface elements. The guide ensured that all future additions would appear professional while maintaining the new look and feel.

What were the results?
The client was ecstatic with the clean, contemporary design of the new site. From the successful launch of the site, and other initiatives, we became the client’s go-to source for all things branding. We continue to work with them on developing templates and designing new pages for the site.