Campaign for software platform generates interest, ensures global consistency

What was the situation?

After Oden delivered a successful launch campaign for their TruONE® automatic transfer switch, ABB, a global leader in power automation, asked us to help generate demand for another groundbreaking product—ABB Ability™ EDCS, a cloud-based electronic distribution control system.

How did Oden help?
We began with a discovery phase during which we defined key audience profiles and audited existing messaging. First we determined which areas needed new overall product messaging and audience-specific messaging. Then we created a master document that mapped out headlines, product stories, benefits, value propositions, and supportive messaging customized for 10 target industries and audience profiles, including panel builders/manufacturers, facility managers, and consultants/contractors.

By defining key messages ahead of time, the Ability EDCS team was able to gain buy-in from stakeholders before engaging creative resources, which saved time and money. More important, the document served as a guide for Ability EDCS rollouts in other countries and regions, helping ensure global consistency in the product’s representation, one of the team’s primary goals.

We also collaborated with Havas, ABB’s global media agency, on the media strategy to recommend channels and tactics to meet campaign goals. With a plan in place to effectively target audience segments through paid media, we created launch deliverables executed by the media agency, including:

  • Digital banner ads
  • Emails
  • Paid social media posts
  • Four 30-second benefit videos for social media
  • A 5-minute video with detailed product information

What were the results?
Overall, the launch successfully spurred interest in the product. The social media posts generated 402,957 impressions and a CTR (click-through rate) that was 142% higher than expected. Videos received 145,639 views, with a VTR (view-through rate) of 36.14%. Total engagements netted out at 2,930, and emails generated 385 leads.