Our Unique Background Leads to Unmatched Results

Bret Terwilleger



When I think about what separates Oden from other agencies, it boils down to three areas: perspective, process, and partnership.

Last time our CEO Bill Carkeet told you some reasons a B2B agency would be the right fit for your company. I’m here to take it a step further and talk about how our unique background sets us up to deliver unmatched results for your company.

Let’s take a look at three ways the skilled team at Oden can apply a unique combination of experience and expertise to help your business excel.



When you’ve been at it as long as our team has, you see some things. At this point, there’s little that could surprise us. And with those experiences, you gain perspective. It’s hard to rattle an agency that has seen it all. There’s no panic. There are no irrational decisions. Just informed decisions, using a combination of the best analytics with savvy doers.


Take for example when we were working with a large company in Tennessee that was struggling to find the right employees. There was a lot of internal panic. But we came in and immediately took a step back.


We asked smart questions, sometimes tough questions, to figure out why the company wasn’t connecting with younger potential employees. We used our vast industry experience to understand their targeted demographic and, most important, identify the ways we could reach those prospects effectively.


The result was a wholly reimagined recruiting effort. We developed a complete look, feel, and messaging platform that connected with Millennials.


We came in during a time of unrest at the company, lent our perspective, and brought them to an unexpected place to deliver unimagined success.




Everyone knows the old adage: There’s more than one way to peel an apple. That’s even truer in our industry. There are a lot of ways to develop a successful campaign. And even more ways to develop an unsuccessful one.


Oden’s process is simple: We work in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Some agencies have a patented approach to tackling problems. But yours isn’t a one-size-fits-all business.


We were working with a local nonprofit that had recently come off a very poor experience with another agency. The issue wasn’t the creative, per se. It was the process. Everything was always late or rushed, and the client never knew exactly what would happen next. That meant the communication process was nonexistent.


We came in, listened to the client and their needs, and delivered an organized method for addressing their pain points. And this is key—we made the client feel part of the process. Oh, and we also delivered hard-working creative that has established a look and feel for them moving forward.


That’s not the kind of process you get with a one-size-fits-all approach.



When you talk with anyone from Oden, you’ll hear us use the term “partner” a lot. And for good reason. That’s one of our key tenets.


Because you don’t need a taskmaster. You need a conduit for information. Someone who can work with you to help set a big strategy and then execute a project through completion. That sounds simple. But it takes someone with skill and experience.


Where the Oden team especially excels is in creating a relationship, becoming a resource. We pride ourselves on working well with all your business partners as well as your other agencies. We are always interested in being a cooperative and supportive member of the team.


You need a partner who is a strong communicator—both listening to your needs and asking the right questions. Who can then turn that communication into creative that is on strategy and on brand. All while getting it done on time and on budget.


That’s the kind of results you can only get with a true partnership.


Thanks for following some of the ways our unique background can lead to unmatched results. Stay tuned next month as we give you more tips on how we can help your business excel.

Q & A with Bret Terwilleger

Q: What does it mean to you to be an agency of refuge?


A: Simply put, being an agency of refuge means we are going to take care of our clients. We’ll take care of their business, their product, and their service. Because we understand the pressures they’re under, we will make them feel safe. We want clients to feel they’re being taken care of. We want them to know that we’ll get it done. We will make it right by delivering high-quality strategy and creative.


Bret Terwilliger, Oden’s intrepid CCO, has more than 35 years’ experience at the agency. He’s responsible for driving our creative version, while always fostering a collaborative and stimulating creative culture.