Oden Director Receives Storytelling Certification

Oden, a Memphis-based, business-to-business marketing agency, has continued to grow and invest in storytelling capabilities to support clients’ marketing efforts. Colleen Wells, senior writing director at Oden, has received certification in Storytelling for Influence from IDEO U, a global online school that provides creative-oriented courses to address complex business and marketing challenges.

As a certified storyteller, Wells will provide strategy support to help Oden’s clients craft authentic and compelling narratives that connect with diverse audiences and help achieve goals.

“Storytelling continues to be an important and powerful tool to help brands and companies of all sizes and industries effectively communicate about their products and services, and compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” said Tina Lazarini Niclosi, principal and executive vice president of Oden. “While storytelling has always been at the heart of Oden’s client work, Colleen’s certification and storytelling focus enables us to provide additional and enhanced support to clients, and help B2B clients navigate the unique opportunities effective storytelling can provide.”

About Oden.

Oden is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing agency based in Memphis, Tenn. for nearly 50 years. The agency helps clients build leading and differentiated brands and create compelling customer experiences through a wide variety of marketing services. Oden specializes in leading clients’ branding and brand stewardship efforts, and brings digital technologies and fresh creative strategies to help them navigate today’s competitive business marketplace. The agency represents B2B clients across multiple industries including Fortune 1000 companies and mid-size and emerging bands. More information can be found at oden.com, or on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.