Oden Announces 20th Annual NEDO Award Winners

We are excited to share the winners in our 20th annual Notable Excellence as Deemed by Odenites (NEDO) Awards, which is “Oden” spelled backwards. The NEDO Award winners are selected by their peers in recognition of their accomplishments and contributions to clients, fellow Odenites, the agency, and more.


For 20 years, the NEDO Awards has provided Oden team members a chance to voice their appreciation and admiration for fellow Odenites deserving of special recognition, representing some of the greatest talent in our region. The 2019 NEDO Award winners as described by their colleagues are (in alphabetical order):


    • Harriet Byall, Office Support Associate
      Willing to help with anything at any time, Harriet’s positive attitude, affection for her colleagues, and ability to make everyone smile is infectious and appreciated.


    • Autrey Eastman, Design Associate
      Dedicated to details, learning, and helping out, Autrey’s team-player attitude, bright disposition, and talent make a positive impact at Oden.


    • Rae Ann Fisch, Senior Account Director
      Unwavering in the face of challenges and a dedicated mentor, Rae Ann is dependable, positive, and a driving force in growing Oden.


    • Alexis Myers, Account Director
      Dedicated to her clients, colleagues, and community, Alexis excels at building relationships and demonstrating respect and kindness to all.


    • Eric Wade, Production Manager
      An excellent communicator, team player, and teacher, Eric is dependable and always willing to pitch in, going the extra mile to get the job done right.


2019 Nedo winners

About Oden.

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